Totally agree about social media’s indispensable effect on every day life and business communications; even on political level decision makers. It is astonishing to see how it evolved so fast and integrated most of the marketing mediums under one umbrella: advertising, email marketing, blogging, public relations/ press releases, video adversiting and many more; with more measurable results and ability to reach to an extended (online) audience in seconds via simple click to share or retweet. Interactivity is definitely key by maximizing benefit of these social media mediums.

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On Friday this arrived in my email inbox – a timely reminder of how the world has changed over the last few years.

Linked In Letter


I joined in August 2004, fifteen months after the site was launched in May 2003, and two years before Facebook allowed for open-access. (Facebook itself launched in February 2004 but was restricted to university / colleges and a few others until September 2006).

I’d been interested in social networks for several years – and my membership of the UK networking site, dates from a few years earlier.

Initially social networking seemed to be more about re-connecting with people from real life rather than communicating on a regular basis. That’s all changed now.  Online social networking – through sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn is the way many people keep up-to-date with what’s going on in their social circles.

I’ve been invited to parties via Facebook, and…

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  1. Thank you for re-blogging this. It’s interesting how things have chanced in the year since I originally wrote this. When I wrote it, Google had an arrangement with Twitter – so there was Google Realtime. Google+ didn’t exist and neither did new social curation sites such as Pinterest. The speed things have changed in the last year has been incredible – and things are getting faster with search and social media merging, as in Google’s Search Plus Your World (SPY World?) and Bing’s Adaptive Search.

    In a year’s time even this will seem old-hat and out of date.

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