Apple vs. Google: Analysis of Three Recent News

After having come across three news with three different approaches about Google vs. Apple within the last 24 hours, I have decided to bring this news together here. First news is coming from Business Insider about a comparison of these two giants, the second is “500 most valuable brands list” taken from a print media called Short List (Issue 218) distributed free in London  and the last one is from Yahoo news about a Apple customer dissatisfaction and Apple’s misleading product promotion.

According to the article published on Business Insider on 25/03/2012, Apple is ahead of Google: “It’s no secret that Google’s products often fail to win the hearts and minds of mass-market consumers the way Apple’s do.” Google allegedly has more technically superior products to make users life easier via wide range of product options connected together; on the other hand, there is an Apple reality, we love having “shiny and super stylish” Apple products, by wishing to complete the full set: Mac, iPhone, iPad etc.

Apple is now a way of positioning oneself in the society; Mac is a must to have for Marketers and web designers, iPad for businessmen and stylists, iPhone is for everyone! Although personally I adore Google and its products; Youtube, my iGoogle home page on Chrome, Google maps, Googledocs and of course everything Google supplies me for my SEO; Adwords, Analytics, Webmasters and many more, I still agree that it is very geeky for most of Google’s products to understand comprehensively. On the other hand, even though product inflexibility in Apple products, whenever you buy one of the Apple products, you feel in a way that in a couple of months or a year’s time, there will be an upgraded version of it, which you will want to buy that one too. It is insane. (Read the full article from here: )

As a result of this, there is this result in market below: Apple iPhone 4s sold more than 4million units in its first weekend. From 8th position in 2011 with brand value of £18.625bn, the Company has become the first with £44.512bn by more than doubling it global value this year.

The Most Valuable Brands List

The last update is about a user in Melbourne, Australia, has taken his money back because of his unsatisfied expectations by the latest iPad: with official explanation “after the nation’s consumer watchdog accused it of misleading advertising over one key aspect of the product” (Find this news on Yahoo: The problem has occurred due to product incompatibility with Australian (4G LTE and WiMAX) networks, which was not mentioned in the product launch and promotions and caused customer mislead. Do you find Apple’s product promotion a bit aggressive? Take a look at this video for great, big, phenomenal, unbelievable apple product launches:

Decision is yours, what do you think how Google (Android) vs Apple (iOS) competition ends – or will it ever end?

Download in pdf: Apple vs Google Case Study

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