73 Different Options of Online and Offline Marketing

Here you will find a list of 73 different options of Online and Offline marketing options to how to reach your audience online and offline, which are divided into six groups as Online, Expensive, Generic, Time Consuming, Good Deed and Other Options.

Within the first segment, I have listed online marketing solutions, which seem more targeted and affordable to me. You can use your  search engine optimised company website with your banner ads, also run a medium budget of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. In addition, social media and blogs can be used to communicate with audience; also, if there is, customer database can be used for newsletters and text massages. These are all highly targeted campaigns and they are very effective when used together.

In second group, we have got our traditional marketing methods such as TV, Radio, print media etc which are well known as expensive options and you can not be sure which customer segment you are to reach as it is hard to monitor the effectiveness of these options.

Third group represents generic options, as similar to previous group, there is no absolute  proof who will be targeting via a supermarket commercial or bus stop, cab adverts. The third group is named as time consuming options due to their process, door-to-door selling or direct marketing requires a big team of group to reach wider audience in a short/ limited period of time, which is costly; otherwise time consuming.

Good deed options stands for the positive activities for a company’s public profile but they may not bring straight return on investment. Building up relationships through networking events is always good and needs to happen, especially for local companies within their area. Lastly, Other options are well known promotional activities, which bring a little bit of activity in short term, but not permanently i.e. freebees, cross or up selling promotions etc.

Online Options Company Website,Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Cost per click: Google Adwords etc, Gmail ads. Online Public Relations,Social Media, Social Video Marketing, Forums, Blogs, Online Networking, RSS Feeds, Cross-channel marketing, Online Classifieds: Gumtree, CraigsList etc, Online Marketplaces: eBay, Amazon etc, Email Marketing, Email Autoresponders, SMS Text Messaging,Mobile Media Trailers, Mobile Media Trailers, Bluetooth, Appvertising (mobile apps), Banner Ads
Expensive Options Television, Radio, In-flight Television, Post Office Television, Local Cinema, Movies, Newspaper Inserts, National Press, Local Press,Magazine Advertising, Advertorials,Editorials , Inflight Magazines, Printed directories: Yellow Pages etc, Billboards, Sport Sponsorship, Taxi Cabs, Bus Stops, Near field communication (smartposters), Pamphlets, IVR, Gamification
Generic Options Supermarket Radio, Menu trays (Fast Food Outlets), Letter Box Drop, Advertising Trailers, Roundabouts, Aeroplane Banners, Matchboxes, Supermarket Trolleys, Bus & Cinema Ticket Backs, Football Pitches, Petrol Station Pump Handles, Vending Machines, Hotel Reception Brochure Boxes, Cash/ATM Machines, Computer Games, Consourse Booths
Time Consuming Options Telesales, Direct Mail, Stickers/flyposting, Door to Door Sales
Good Deed Options Networking Events, Referrals, Word of Mouth, Exhibitions
Other Options Packaging box, Freebies, Print on T-shirts, Mugs etc, Product Placement

Hope you have found this post useful, if so please leave your comment. And if you think something is missing on the list, feel free to add. Your contributions will be much appreciated!

To download in pdf format, click on the link below:

73 Different Options of Online and Offline Marketing


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