I want to be a blogger too!!

If this is what you say after seeing a fancy personal blog, like mine, as my friend did last night, here I am and my post today to make your wish come true.  Creating a blog template is simple and easy by going on to a blog publishing platform and signing up with a relevant email address in use. There are several blogging tool options to create your blog, the most commonly used ones are wordpress.com, blogger.com and tumblr.com (you can check this review to decide too: http://blog-services-review.toptenreviews.com/ )

After confirming the email coming from your selected platform to your email inbox, you will then log on to your account and start to the exciting process of blog creation. There is wide range of selection for themes to select, and styles, you can find from the side menu on the left. Feel free to play around with it, it is good fun!

If you have noticed, my blog name looks different than yours, mine does not have WordPress suffix as I have separately bought a domain name and directed my WordPress domain to www.pkmarketinguk.co.uk . You can have yours too, it is important to own your own name as your domain, considering you will be a famous blogger in the future! Go on to a domain provider (check out to compare providers: http://webhostinggeeks.com ) and buy your domain. After creating your account on Go Daddy and buying your domain, you can go on to Forwarding section in Domain Management and then select Masking option from two options you see.

You are almost done! All you need to do now is to share your ideas, specialities with us and make yourself to be heard!

Start writing either on Posts – Add New – Publish or write first on Microsoft Word, and copy & paste on to this area. Below screenshot from WordPress admin panel I use, you can see the short codes on “Kitchen Sink”. WordPress enables you to paragraph, number, position, hyperlink, tag, spell check etc your text:

Wordpress Kitchen Sink

Actually if you have ever tweeted, or written a post on your Facebook account, let me tell you something, it is a “micro” type of blogging too. Blogging is free of charge, and a very efficient way of Marketing and publicity. It is very efficient in terms of keeping historical record of your activities and posts also back-tracking too. Once you build up trust by your articles on your posts with valuable information, it is possible to be a respected blogger, like Seth Godin: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ .

My next post will be about telling the world more about yourself, social media links and placing your other pages on your blog.

4 thoughts on “I want to be a blogger too!!

  1. This is a great post for those seeking to blog for the first time and I would always choose WordPress over any other platform. If writing a post outside of the WordPress editor I think newbies and seasoned bloggers would prefer to use WordPad over Word. Too many extras get in the html of the WordPress editor requiring too much re-editing.

  2. @Ozgun @Tom Thank you for your comments guys, hope you will find useful and recommend my following posts about blogging and a bit of digital marketing as well!

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